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Instructional Teaching
Assistant Professor

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University of Florida

"Dr. Thomas is enthusiastic about teaching and she cares about her students."

Intro to Software Engineering 

This course gives an introduction to software engineering theory, principles and methods. Topics include software planning, software design, configuration management, testing and maintenance. Students will gain experience contributing to an open source project and participating on a team project to develop a product.

UX Design 

This course introduces methods and tools used in User Experience Design (UXD): the early stages of software design focused on meeting user needs. Key concepts include user research, contextual design, design thinking, ideation, iterative design, prototyping, and design documentation. Student work with clients on real world projects to deliver an interactive high fidelity prototype.

Programming Fundamentals

This is the first course of a two-semester introductory sequence for students without prior programming experience. Topics include major concepts of computer science and computer programming processes, including object-oriented programming, procedural and data abstraction and program modularity.

Senior Design

 In Senior Project and CISE Design 2, you will synthesize what you have learned in your other CISE courses by creating and finishing a semester-long project. This is an opportunity for you to put into practice the skills and techniques that you have learned during your undergraduate studies.  Students will conduct design and development of a significant software system or module.  Thus, the class will bear directly upon practical experience and job skills.

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